Day 2 Shenanigans :-)

What’s up compatriots?!

It’s Bio Boot Camp 2.0 here back at it again with another blogggggg!  Woot!  So today, we struggled a little bit with waking up so early!  We had to get up before 7:30, which is quite the feat for lazy high-schoolers with messed up sleep schedules.

7:30am, the smells of delicious foods wafted from the kitchen as we approached. We feasted on bagels, fruits, and eggs. Once fed, we felt eager to get up and start our day.

Then we met up with Rick Karban (he literally wrote the book on “How to do Ecology”) who gave us a morning presentation about the mechanisms and causes of defenses against predation found in sagebrush. Afterward, we got started on the group project. We went out to the creek, collected aquatic invertebrates, recorded flow rates, recorded the sizes of gravel, and measured the water quality. Wading in the creek was cold and embracing, due to all the recent snowmelt. Each person had a specific job, and we worked in a team to complete our task more efficiently, fending off mosquitoes as we went. We went to 2 different sites along the creek, and we are planning to go to 4 more sites along the creek tomorrow.

After a couple hours, we finally finished up our work and began heading back to camp. When we finished drying up, we went down down to the Fish House, where we were able to see an underwater longitudinal cross-section of the stream. This allowed us to view young trout making their way slowly upstream.

Then, we ventured to The Meadow.  The Meadow was a giant clearing with a myriad of fauna and flora (mostly grasses). Tall pine trees form a huge circle around the meadow like a stadium. Here we got good views of blue skies, white clouds, golden grass fields, and emerald pine trees... and there were lots of critters to catch! Our adventurous group went into a frenzy as we charged upon the meadow with bug nets. A cacophony of exclamations from a group looking under stones was heard.  Everyone rushed over at the words, “Snake!”


The Meadow


A Common Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis)

We had Burgers and Elotes for supper. Yum! Then we set up a black light by our cabins to attract nocturnal insects. We also went on a short night hike and found another snake! A baby RUBBER BOA! This one was just sitting out on the side of a road and was the gentlest little snake.


Baby Rubber Boa (Charina Bottae)! THE CUTEST!

Slithery good times had!

-Catalina, Elizabeth, Brendan, Victor, Kyle

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