The Bio Boot Blog is the official blog for Bio Boot Camp 2.0, a weeklong ecology-themed camp for high school students based out of the Bohart Museum of Entomology and the Museum of Wildlife and Fish Biology at UC Davis and under the umbrella of UC Davis Campus Recreation Youth Programs. Over the course of the week, campers will blog about their experiences exploring Sierra Nevada ecosystems, visiting research centers and reserves in the area, and working on their own field ecology research projects.

This year BBC 2.0 will take place at Sagehen Creek Field Station, near Truckee, CA. Check out the Sagehen Website for lots of information about the reserve, including research projects, history, and beautiful photos of the area.

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  1. When I left Sagehen this afternoon, the internet was down due to the continued rain. If there is not a posting tonight (Monday) it might be because of that reason. Don’t worry! I know they had a rousing game of “Pterodactyl” and when I left around 4:00 pm Jeff Brown, the station manager, was talking to them about the importance of staying hydrated and that the water at Sagehen is some of the finest around- not at all like Davis tap. Earlier I made a trip into Truckee and got some supplies that campers needed- water bottle, warm hats, warmer clothing. Surely they will sleep well tonight snuggled into their beds with the rain pattering on the roofs of their cabins. -Tabatha


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