New Beginnings

(Sorry for the delay! We were busy getting settled into camp and remembering the wifi password… 🙂 )

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Hello parents! Welcome to our blog for this weeks Bio Boot Camp 2.0. We are excited to show you what we will learn and achieve throughout the week. Each day we will have   3-4 students assigned to show you what our activities consisted of, so you can keep up with us. We expect every day to bring new adventures and today was no different.

The last time most of you saw us was as you were leaving the Bohart Museum of Entomology. Most of us were rather awkward and nervous as we tried to navigate our new social surroundings. Our camp leaders Caroline, Daniel, and Kyle were quick to break the tension by having us play a name game to get to know each other. We would pass a ball to someone in the circle and say their name to ingrain it in our memory. This loosened us up and after we went over some camp rules everyone was feeling more comfortable. We finally went outside and had another team building exercise as we figured out how to Tetris all of our luggage and foods into our two vans. With this done and having started the beginnings of friendships we piled into the vans to head to our camp.

As we got in to the vans, conversation started to pick up. Various games were used to pass the time, including card games, “Catchphrase,” “Contact,” and “Never have I ever.” They served to help us bond even further by pushing us to share more things about ourselves and find things that we had in common with each other. Between the jubilant conversation and laughter, time passed quickly, and before we knew it, we were at the cabins.

From the vans we put all the belongings in the classroom, cabins and kitchen. We had to set up organizational systems in the kitchen and the classroom in order for everything to fit and to be accessible. Finally, with the kitchen properly stowed away the dinner crew began to make the first meal as we sat down to start the blog. The dinner crew cooked up a delicious meal of pasta and salad which we thoroughly enjoyed. As dinner wrapped up we finished the first blog.

Our day was filled with getting to know new friends and getting settled in to our home for the coming week. Tomorrow we look forward to more adventures as we learn about our group projects and get them off the ground. Many of us are also looking forward to a potential night walk tomorrow to find rubber snakes. Until then we wish all of our parents good night and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


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