Spreading Our Wings. Get it?

Welcome toooooo blog #3…

We woke up early again at 7:00 to an oatmeal breakfast bar (with other choices such as cereal and yogurt) where we could choose all sorts of toppings including trail mix and peanut butter! After stuffing ourselves with an assortment of oatmeal, we headed down to the river to collect more macroinvertebrate samples to finish the group project we have been working on. The group project was separated into jobs. Riley used a kick-net in the water to collect the macroinvertebrates samples and occasionally sifted them out of the net into tray. Jessie was the data deputy! She got to delegate tasks to everyone and make sure everyone was doing their job. She was in charge of all the numbers and important information needed to determine specific factors for the project. Alesia was in charge of separating the macroinvertebrates from the water. This process included taking the kick-net from Riley and rinsing it into a bucket. Then she put them into a tray so that the Bug Buddies could sift through them. Time passed quickly as we started to get into a rhythm, and soon we finished sampling the four sites we didn’t get to yesterday.


Finishing up our last sample for the group project!

Feeling accomplished yet hungry, everyone went back to camp for some leftovers. After feasting on sandwiches, pasta and delicious veggie patties we played some codenames and then cleaned up the kitchen.


Playing code names after lunch.

Then we traveled back to the cabins where we listened to presentations on fire ecology and CA mountain ranges by Caroline. Both of these topics affect the plants and animals that can live in different habitats, so it was helpful information to hear. However, we were all still getting used to the early starts so everyone split off for a 20-minute siesta. Now full of energy, everyone was ready to start brainstorming ideas for their individual project, which we will present the results of on Saturday. People went off to collect bugs, study plants and explore the camp and meadow to see what they could use for their projects. Jessie went to an area that was recently burned, Riley went to catch spiders, and Alesia went to the meadow. Next, everyone came back for BURRITO NIGHT prepped by the dinner crew which was sooooo good! After dinner, we set up black lights to attract cool bugs. While waiting for the sun to go down, we had a game night with an intense game of capture the flag, infection tag, and sardines. We got so tired from the games that a lot of people went straight to bed after, but some campers stayed up to look at what insects the black light attracted.


Team huddles before capture the flag begins.


Speedy action shot!


We are looking forward to tomorrow when we can dive into our individual projects. Stay tuned for updates!

This post brought to you by: The Cockroaches (A.K.A Group C)

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