The Last Supper

Hello, everyone BBC with the final blog post. Today we enjoyed a filling pancake breakfast with bagels, syrup, and honey. After breakfast we had time to pack up at Sagehen and head out to UCD for a quick pit-stop. Once in UCD we had lunch and time to look at some the insects there in the Bohart Museum of Entomology and some plants at the campus conservatory. We also did a walking tour of campus and saw some baby ducks in the arboretum! After the tour, we enjoyed a pretty car ride up to Quail Ridge in the Coast Range. At Quail Ridge we immediately started to explore and take in the beautiful view of Lake Berryessa. We unloaded all of the groceries and set our things down in the tent cabins. Then we came back to the meeting to finish up our individual projects. While we worked away on our posters, the counselors prepared a delicious pizza dinner. We had fun toppings like sausage, caramelized onions, crispy potatoes, and olives. We quickly changed into our costumes for a pizza dance party. We had a turtle, lumber jack, butterfly, ballerina, cow, and a cowgirl, to name a few. Everyone had tons of fun singing and dancing to “Country Roads” and “Lean on Me” and then line dancing to “Cupid Shuffle”, “Cotton Eyed Joe” and “Footloose” out on the patio.  Tired and sweaty, we came back inside for s’mores and more work on our posters. The group split off as some people went on a night hike and others kept working on their projects. Everyone was stoked about the shooting stars, scorpions and bird nests that were found around the reserve. Now, as we write this blog and think about the last few days at camp, everyone has some reflections:


“I had an awesome time at this camp and I have enjoyed connecting with people from all over the world with similar interests to me. I am so glad I had this experience and I’m definitely gonna miss it!”—Jessie


I pretty much always had a collection of live invertebrates, but I’ve never had the chance to really practice entomology with semi-formal methods.  It was interesting to look at the field in the eyes of a researcher rather than the eyes of a hobbyist.  I learned a lot about the methods of the field.  Getting to bond with camp members who also shared such a strong passion for entomology was super fun & I wish I could spend more time with them.” –Brendan


“Bio Boot Camp was such a fun experience. I got to learn so much and make new memories with people from all over the country each day. I’m gonna miss this (except the mosquitoes and bad jokes from certain people who I won’t name).” –Catalina


“Overall, Bio Boot Camp was a blast. We got to meet new and interesting people, learn more about our passions, and above all, we had fun.”—Alecia


“My time at Bio Boot Camp was an amazing experience and I’ll remember it for a long time. It was fun and the people were so interesting to talk to. I’m going to miss the family-like bond we all shared over bugs” –Toxtli


“I’ve never had less sleep in my life, but I’ve also done more in this camp than I have this entire summer, and I also met so many people who were like me, but also had slightly different interests and knowledge that I can learn about.” – Onjray


“I got eight hours of sleep every night except for this night where I’ll go to sleep at 12:30. The camp was fun and I saw a lot of cool insects and people. It’s enjoyable to go places with new people especially when they’re weird like you. Also, I liked going to Quail Ridge Station which overlooked Lake Berryessa, it was like we were on Mt. Olympus.” – Elizabeth


“Bio boot camp has been one of the best experiences of my life and I have nothing bad to say about this camp—it was a nice way to get away from my modern plugged in lifestyle.  My friends are amazing but none of them share the passion for insects that I do, because I have attended this camp I’m filled with joy to see people who actually like insects. My friendships here will last a lifetime and hopefully I can meet more people that share my passion in the future.” – Riley


‘This camp was a good experience for me. Being out of my ordinary life is always a good thing. I feel like I refreshed and had a good rest for a week in the nature.”—Victor


“There are many things which I could say about this camp but my biggest take away was the fun and relaxed environment. The students were all very kind and eager to help each other learn while the counselors were energetic and provided much needed guidance when we could not figure out problems by ourselves. Bio Boot Camp gave its students a lot of free time and resources essentially enabling them to research whatever they had access to. Bio Boot Camp was extremely helpful in my understanding of where I am as an entomologist but was more importantly helpful in that it provided some information about what college would be like. The college talk covered how I could continue my interests in entomology through school without bias to one school or another. This is very important to me as a rising senior. I would recommend this camp to anyone looking for an easygoing environment which will push you as far as you are willing to push yourself.”- Kenna Stone

Thanks for the memories– the Cockroaches (group C)

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