To Each Their Own


[This is from yesterday! The pictures weren’t loading… separate picture post upcoming. Love, Caroline, the otherwise responsible adult who didn’t get this posted in time]

Everyone has different interests in the world of ecology and that was very plain today. This was the biggest day for our individual projects and all of us both worked together and individually to pursue our diverse interests. Some people worked to study the interactions between spiders, while others recorded the spatial patterns in wildflowers. Whatever the study, everyone threw themselves into their science.

We started off the day after an amazing breakfast of pancakes, bacon, hash browns, and fruit. Some people immediately headed for the meadow to find insects while others went to study trees or rip open old trunks for beetles. Each group was extremely successful in their own ways. Everyone finished at varying times and began to head into the classroom to process their data and start experiments. As lunch grew close many people were ready for a break from their work and growling stomachs moved to the kitchen.

After we discussed our individual plans during lunch, we campers each split into a few groups. Campers who had already collected enough specimens/data worked in the classroom and some took a siesta. There were people in The Meadow, uphill of the camp in the forest, and near the creek. Our workspaces were as varied as our imaginations, but we all got mosquito bites. We did, however, all come to dinner satisfied with our work. Can you tell which project is your child’s?! (Check the photos at the end to see if you’re right!

  1. Correlating tree species and age with burn damage
  2. Ant behavior, specifically response to stimuli such as humidity and light
  3. Communal living of funnel web spiders
  4. Hypoxia tolerance in stone centipedes
  5. Efficacy of various baits in pitfall traps
  6. Identification and preservation of Sagehen spider species
  7. Yarrow plant communication and herbivory
  8. Wing length and thoracic muscle ratios
  9. How wing characteristics affect niche in ecosystem
  10. Variation of insect diversity under rocks vs bark

After dinner we will play games, blacklight, and go on a night hike. We accomplished a LOT today and are excited to see how our group and individual data and posters turn out!



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