Camp: Day 5

Uh oh!  Back again, back to back maybach stACK THE M’S

Finally, the boys have slept for more than 6 hours and the breakfast table buzzes with the energy of well slept campers. Bagel breakfast sandwiches serenaded with scrambled eggs, avocado, and arugula decorate the table along with fresh melon and not so fresh juice. Campers talk excitedly about the plans for the day. Between mouthfuls of sandwich, campers speak of swimming in Lake Tahoe followed by a visit to the ice cream parlor.


Making Lunch!

After a couple hours, they finally pack up the vans and drive to Lake Tahoe. Forty-five minutes later, they find themselves on the shore of Tahoe. Within minutes, Victor jumps into the lake and loses his glasses. He finds them after some hectic searching. Jessie, Elizabeth and Cat follow into the freezing waters while the others look for fish and crawdads along the shore.  Soon enough, everyone was tired and hungry.  We voraciously ripped open our sandwich bags & tore into our lunches. They were delicious!


Off to Tahoe!


Lake Tahoe! Wading in search of Crawdads!


Corralling fish!


Fish! Caught by hand!


A closer look! Named Fishy George II




Group Photo!

Another take on Lake Tahoe:

Cobalt blue water formed gentle waves along a soft breeze. Birds harmonizing in orchestral melodies and dark green pine trees providing a mottled canopy cover. This is the image of Lake Tahoe that I imagined. However, lake Tahoe did not look different from New Port Beach that I go every week. 1392308 people talking instead of birds singling and building creating the shade instead of trees creating beautiful canopy. And I got a small cut on my foot. But it’s all ok. Water was clear like crystal. Swimming was fun. Since there were many people, I probably wouldn’t die by drowning. Whenever I face a disappointing situation, I try to think optimistically like this. I believe there are more beautiful sites of Lake Tahoe. I should probably visit other parts of Tahoe with out millions of people next time.”  –Victor 

After lunch, everyone wanted boba! But unfortunately there was no boba in the region.  So we settled for the next best thing: ice cream! We drove to Truckee & stopped by a local ice cream shop for some sweet, creamy deliciousness. After a bumpy ride back to our lovely field station, the group split apart like a disturbed ant hill.  Some people took naps, some people explored a controlled burn area, and some people worked on individual projects.


Looking for critters in the control burn area!



Now we sit and wait for the dinner crew to wrap up their chili!  After dinner, we will have a talk on data-viz and college advice in general. We can’t wait to learn about college life. Wow, I’m so excited to go to college, study vigorously on the topic that I’m most interested about, and forge my own path through life. Hoping to learn a lot from our counselors.

-Catalina, Elizabeth, Brendan, Victor, Kyle



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