Welcome to BBC2.0-2019!

Greetings camp,

I don’t know about y’all, but we’re pretty dang excited to take a break from daily life at the university to get this super fun camp up and running!

We will be venturing to mountainous terrain filled with FOrEsTs,  and mEaDoWs, and StReAms, and lAkEs, and bIrDs, and BuGs, and WiLDfLoWeRs, and fIsH, and RoDeNts, and bOaS, and DeEr and PiNes, and BoUlDeRs, and fRoGs, and BaTs, and possibly BlAcK bEaRs, and possibly still some sNoW! ALL THE BEST THINGS!


Exhibit A: a Rubber Boa (Charina bottae), one of the best things!

Also, it will be much cooler (in most senses of the word) than what we’re used to here in Davis! So we’re definitely looking forward to escaping the heat of the valley!

As with all good adventures, there are several logistics we need to cover to ensure a successful camp! Food is perhaps the most obvious! We’re going to be feeding 13 people for 7 days! What does that look like? Apparently, it looks like this:


ALL the food!

Looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow and beginning our adventure!


Kyle, Caroline, Danielle, and Tabatha

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