Data Day

Today everyone woke up at different times. Some of us awoke at 6:30 to work diligently on our individual projects (sampling, setting out traps). Some of us woke up early to make everyone breakfast, which was a variety of toast, bagels, eggs, and fruit. Lastly, a few of us wandered half-asleep, like zombies, into the kitchen at 8:00! We were very very very tired (including the counselors who had to take naps because they were THAT tired).

We played Uno again which is easy to pick up and impossible to put down and continued to work on our individual projects. We had free time after we worked on our projects. Some of us searched for more remarkable friends in the forest or meadows nearby camp. Other took a siesta or continued their research.

Chris: I checked on my pitfall traps and then sorted the insects from all of the gunk that also fell into it. There were a lot of ants, a beetle, a spider and a couple of silverfish. Also the small earthquake near Truckee that happened late last night could have tampered with the trap because there was more gunk than should have been in the traps.

Alisa: I went into the fish house and down below to watch fish through the glass. In between fish watching, I stopped by the classroom to check on the group project and identify some aquatic invertebrates in the microscope.

Isabel: I went with Audrey to set out my yellow soap traps made for pollinators. I also went to go observe the flora and the fauna of the riparian and meadow habitats. The meadow was covered in gold light and water drops from the morning fog. It was serene and so beautiful. A few minutes after setting up a trap I discovered 2 butterflies. One of the butterflies was dead and lying on the grass. The other butterfly was being consumed by a bright Goldenrod crab spider. It was extremely fascinating yet skin crawling.

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 10.49.41 PM

After a delicious lunch of sandwiches we played Uno again (surprise!) but this one was different. Instead of using just one deck we combined THREE Uno decks! We made it so that the loser would have to go and wake up all of the people that took a siesta. After a tense game, Chris ended up losing (super close game against Alfredo) and went to wake up everyone.

Our individual projects are becoming masterpieces. While we were conducting our experiment, our instructors helped us to better understanding data analysis. We studied statistics and observed programming to generate equations. One of our instructors discussed her work with time and space, tracking Diptera fruit flies. She teaches statistics to her students and showed us some of the ways the equations can be applied and solved.

Afterword, we each started constructing our (lovely) posters in the classroom. A impressive display of figures, Crayola marker drawings, and taped specimens have decorated our posters. We listened to lots of throwback music including: Queens, Billy Joel, Elton John, the Beatles, Journey, Stevie Wonder, and the Eagles. The music gave us new energy and let us unveil our bird-like voices (more like crows than songbirds).

The dinner team made us all burritos packed with fired beans, salsa, and cheese. We played capture the flag until the sun set over the trees. We overall agreed we had an amazing last full day at Sagehen. We have made so many good friends at camp and we really all have bonded well over the last 5 days. We are driving to Tahoe tomorrow! See you then and peace out.

The Beeloggers (Isabel, Alisa, and Chris)

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