Friday and Saturday, July 28th and 29th, 2017.

Friday and Saturday, July 28th and 29th, 2017

Today is a special blog post, where each student shared the most important thing about their experience, personally and at the group level. The answers they gave are transcribed almost verbatim (ums and extra “likes” deleted).


I wouldn’t have wanted to spend time with anyone but this group of 12 people.

For most of my life I have been settled with just enough. I didn’t think I needed anything more than what I already had. But coming to this camp, it honestly shocked me how little I knew. Everyone seemed to be at a higher skill and knowledge level. But this is an incentive to start observing more, to start learning more, to pay attention to my surroundings, and I am glad for it.


When I walked into this camp, I thought I knew a lot about entomology, and now that it’s the last day, I realize there is so much to learn, and I am very excited to learn it.

I feel like we have such good group synergy, we all communicate so well, we speak to each other and we all get along, it makes the camp experience so much better.


This morning I woke up early and sat outside with a good book and a blanket and thought about the entire experience. While I was out there, I was looking around, there was a spider web from the building to the ground. As the sun rose, the web was lit with gold light.

This entire year, I feel like everyone got to know each other, and it was a great experience because throughout the trip, we were able to learn more about each other, and increasingly understand each other’s thirst for knowledge and how their minds work. It has been really cool to see that diversity.


I learned a lot more and I met a lot more people than I thought I was going to. The whole group got along, there was pretty much no tension, everyone could work together well, so we could get our group project done well. There were no fights and everyone cooperated, we got things done.

I knew nothing about Lepidoptera, and now I know a lot more about which butterfly is which, and I learned a lot of this from other students, such as how to pin and who is who.


Honestly, I kind of had lost interest in pinning insects and doing my own research, instead just reading on others research. During this camp, we each did an individual study and found our own results, which reflected our own knowledge and skill. I had forgotten how that had felt. It is a really good feeling to not have to rely on something else, because if you do have such a reliance, then sometimes you can feel that you aren’t doing anything, and you’re just soaking it. That’s ok, but it feels sad to not find anything for yourself, no matter how insignificant that may seem.

I was really surprised how quickly people made friends and got along. I have been to other summer camps, and I have classes, and it is very rare that everyone in a group will get along so well.


After turning my notes into data and analyzing the data, I realized that what I have is actually conclusive, rather than inconclusive as was my impression from my unorganized notes.

Everyone got along and everyone was so great. Everyone made everyone else smile and laugh at multiple points over the week. It’s just so great. It’s definitely something that made the camp so enjoyable.


Personally, I have learned so much here, from the councilors to the students. That’s my main point, yeah, there has been so much new information. And that makes me feel so excited to learn more, there is so much out there to know, and I just want to learn.

There was a great group dynamic. We got along really well. There wasn’t any tension. Everyone made each other laugh and smile, and really, we had a great time overall.


Towards the end of the school year, I kind of lost my love of learning, and I kinda didn’t want to learn anything more. During this camp, I started recovering it. I had the feeling, oh I want to study that, oh I want to observe it. This feels really good for myself, and for my career really. To know that I still have that in me and that the school system hasn’t beaten it out of me, as sad as that sounds, it’s true.

It’s just really really cool to spend time with people who are as passionate about science as I am or even more passionate, and who are ready to share that. With some of my friends I will talk about it, and they’ll go “oh, science, well then. And here, it’s like, “Yes! Explain it to me, tell me how it works.” Oh man, the food is impressive, especially for a camp.


I really didn’t know that much before I came here, but I learned that there is so much to learn. I grew a lot, I learned a lot. I was surprised how well my project went, even though there were several times I was like “what?!?”.

I feel like I have a stronger personal between everyone. Definitely the best group of people I have been with, definitely different, from different places, different views. Everyone accepted for me for who I am. The biggest thing really is that everyone got along. Hahah—my favorite part is the log in lag Tahoe. I couldn’t swim very well, but we had so much fun, even when we went way out into the water and the colors were changing below us. People don’t usually take my ideas, and they loved my idea of getting on the log. It was like we were super close friends by the end.

Thank you for sharing this experience!

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