Captain’s Log: Earth Date 14 July 2016

On Wednesday (7/12/16), we started our individual projects. Campers conducted different experiments based on observations they had made throughout the week. Maria and Maren looked at different species of ants in the forest to compare to species found in a burned section of the area. Maren and Maria also measured water content in the fen by taking samples and squeezing out the water to compare with other samples in different places. Lara surveyed the diet of the carnivorous plant, Sundew. Andrew looked at the preferred feeding temperature of the Achemon blue butterfly. Sam looked for fish fly larvae and where they like to be. Eli compared two different species of ants’ behavior in different scenarios. Matt and Gwen surveyed different habitats for the species of moths and butterflies that were found in the area. They saw a monarch butterfly as well as many other uncommon species that were thought not to be in the area. Kayla observed fish behavior in the fish house. Adam observed what attracts insect to Sundews. After a dinner of pita pizza, there was group game night. Pictionary, telephone, and charades were played- everyone had a lot of fun.

-Maria, Maren, and Lara


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