Captain’s Log: Earth Date 12 July 2016

Today was the third day of Bio Boot Camp, Tuesday (7/12/16). We brainstormed, planned out, and made the first steps of our group project. For this experiment, we are comparing two areas: a vicinity that was recently burned by a fire, and a habitat which was not affected by the fire. We decided to use clay caterpillars to see if birds would attempt to eat them, and compare the success rates (beak marks in the caterpillar or missing caterpillars) in each area. We visited both spots and finally decided on a method of placing the clayterpillars, which would eliminate most confounding variables. The most exciting find of the trip in my opinion was when Matthew found a diurnal Sheep moth, which has pink and orange wings.

We came back, ate lunch, and after a bumpy ride we hiked up to Carpenter’s Ridge, which was so high in elevation that we saw snow! (And had a few snowball fights). The view was amazing at the top; we saw lots of cicadas, some butterflies, and the whole Sagehen Creek Basin from above. When we got back to the camp, we ate burritos and headed out to visit the fen and explore sagehen. Andrew found an Anise Swallowtail caterpillar, and we saw lots of sun dews and interesting plants. Today was a great way to see the different environments that we will be conducting experiments in for the remainder of the week.

-Gwen and Matt

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