It’s almost time for BBC 2.0 2016!

Dear campers and families,

Bio Boot Camp 2.0 2016 starts in less than 24 hours, and Marshall, Tabatha, and I are really excited to meet you all (or see you again!). I hope your packing is going well. I’m finishing up my packing–I just gathered up a pile of biology books that I think the campers will enjoy looking through. We’ve been gathering up field gear and finalizing the schedule for the past week. This afternoon Tabatha and I did the food shopping for the week. Here is a photo of me with our two enormous shopping carts at Costco:


Allie at Costco!

10 teenagers and 2 grad students can eat a lot (and everything comes in bulk at Costco).

This is shaping up to be a really neat week of camp. Here is what’s on the schedule:



Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve in May 2016

Sunday–Get to know each other, visit Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve and Quail Ridge Reserves to learn about chaparral ecosystems and fire ecology. Stay overnight at Quail.


Monday–A very busy day! Head back to the UCD campus, check out the Bohart Museum of Entomology, take a stroll through campus and visit Allie and Marshall’s labs, drive to Sagehen and start to explore.

Tuesday–Continue to explore Sagehen, set up a group project, and go for a hike nearby. Start to think about plants, animals, and questions to explore in individual/small-group projects.

Wednesday–Develop and set up individual/small-group projects all day.


Last year’s group project at Sagehen.


Thursday–Work on group projects and individual projects, meet with visitors from the Conservation Science Partners to learn about conservation ecology research and careers.

Friday–Field trip to Tahoe Environmental Research Center, lunch and swimming at Lake Tahoe, finish and informally present individual projects. Night hike!

Saturday–Head home!

It’s time to finish my packing! Don’t forget clothes for warm weather and cold, too–the weather report looks great, but those 80s in the day (probably higher at Stebbins/Quail) and 40s at night. Still, it will be much warmer than the last time I visited Sagehen–in January!

Safe travels & see you soon,



This is what Sagehen looked like the last time I was there. It was buried under about 5 feet of snow!

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