Day 2: Restoration Ecology, Group Project Set Up, and the Taste of Ants

Today the group jumped in the cars and headed to the McCarran Ranch, a Nature Conservancy site just outside of Reno, Nevada. As soon as we arrived, Chris, a restoration ecologist, gave us a talk on the Truckee River restoration project. After being set loose, the majority of the group headed towards the fabled pond to the west of the property. Although we never made it to the pond, we saw lots of lizards and a couple frogs. After eating lunch, we drove back to the Sagehen Reserve. We then brainstormed methods for setting up the group project, hiked back to the fen, and set up transects and laid out quadrats for the experiment. As evening approached, we set up a black light and watched the insects gather around. We attempted to identify the majority of insects that were attracted to the black light, and some of us ate ants. They taste a lot like lemon zest, but are oddly crunchy.


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