Day 1: Getting to Know Sagehen By Day and By Night

Today most of our group met at UC Davis Bohart Museum of Entomology and soon left in vans for Sagehen Field Station. We first took a tour of the cabins and fish house and then Jeff, the director, welcomed us to the camp by giving us an orientation regarding its history and current projects and studies taking place. Afterwards, we began discussing and planning our group project, which deals with insects in a diversity of plant heights. We then went hiking to observe the area’s environment and animal species, along with visiting the site of our group experiment, the fen. We made observations about fen such as the land gradient, the plant diversity, and moisture levels. As the day ended, we took a night walk to observe the nocturnal life. We found many interesting beetles, including a dung beetle and species of stink beetle, and some true bugs and spiders. On the way back, we turned our lights off and walked back in minute intervals to observe the sounds and smells that would have been otherwise unnoticed.


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