That’s A Wrap

That’s a wrap. Thursday night the sky remained clear and the campers bundled up for a night hike to see herps, stars, and take a solo hike back to camp. On the way out we carefully turned rocks and sticks over, looking for the coveted western fence lizard or the docile rubber boa. However, the nights were cold and the ground still moist and we found nothing. However on the walk out, we spotted a few bubble lines in the water, and were able to observe a tail slap (from a beaver) and grown man shriek (from myself) in a very short span of time (editor’s note: James saw the beaver. The rest of us saw only bubbles.). We then took a silent hike the rest of the way to a small clearing in the road where we gathered up the campers and tested what it was about wintergreen mints and crunching that causes them to spark. Teeth are not required, FYI! The campers then took a solo,silent hike, back to the kitchen area, where hot cocoa and tea was waiting for them. The last morning we broke camp, cleaned up our final group experiments, and went over data analysis with each camper. After a quick trip home from Tahoe, the students presented their results in an informal setting. I was extremely fortunate to have gotten to help lead such an awesome camp, and I look forward to next year, and a new UC Reserve to explore!


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