Day 3: Setting Up Projects, TERC, and Swimming in Lake Tahoe

We woke up to the happy surprise that it wasn’t raining. After getting dressed and having breakfast we started setting up our individual projects. I accumulatively spent hours in a fish house observing the different creatures in the different depths of the creek. It was very interesting and observing the fish was amazing. Other camp mates went out to the meadows or the bog to do their own projects. Some were observing the local population of lichen growing on the trees while others were out collecting insects and observing how diverse they were. After lunch we set off for TERC (Tahoe Environmental Research Center) where we learned about the geology and geography of Lake Tahoe.  We also learned about its inhabitants (native and invasive) and what we need to do to “Keep Tahoe Blue”. We then boogied down to Sand Harbor on the north side of Lake Tahoe where we took a “refreshing” swim (editor’s note: lifeguards were present!). We got to see first hand how beautiful and clear Lake Tahoe really is and took a couple of group pictures overlooking the amazing scenery. The new warm weather was a nice surprise and made the whole experience better, especially the swimming. After running some errands and taking a nice scenic drive back to Sagehen, everyone chilled out and the day came to a close. 

-Racha & Nate

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