Day 2: Mud, Hikes in the Fog, and Getting Started on Projects

Many interesting things have happened today. It’s been raining more here at Sagehen, making lots of mud. We were going to attempt to hike to Independence Lake, but our van got stuck in the mud. My hiking boots became very dirty. Thankfully some kind people in a Jeep helped remove our van from its muddy prison. We then attempted to hike to Independence Lake and failed (editor’s note: too much fog to see anything, but it was beautiful!), but we still had fun anyways. We then came back to Sagehen to talk about our group project and individual projects. My project involves counting the number of insects in different areas. A few hours later, we had dinner, which was burgers and salad. I pinned some insects and decided to write the blog. It’s been kind of depressing due to the cloudiness and the nonstop rain, but I hope it gets better.


A note from Allie: Despite the rain, everyone seems to be in high spirits! James and I have been impressed with many of the projects that the campers have come up with so far, and with their ideas on our group project. Our group project, which we deployed on Tuesday afternoon, involves placing clay caterpillars of different colors out in different habitats to study predator-prey interactions. Individual projects cover a wide range of topics, including insects, birds, lichens, fish, plants. On these rainy evenings we’ve been entertaining ourselves with rounds of “telephone dictionary” and “celebrity” as a group, laughing like hyenas into the dark of the night. Here’s hoping the sun comes out!

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