Day 1: Exploring Sagehen

NOTE: Sorry for the delay in our posts, folks! Wifi was down until Wednesday midday, but blog posts should appear each evening for the remainder of camp.

Our adventure today began with an unexpectedly rainy car ride from Davis to Sagehen. As we entered the Sierra, it started to rain—and it still hasn’t stopped! After we got to Sagehen, we explored the fish house, which offered a really cool fish’s-eye view of the stream underwater. We were able to see two different types of native fishes, both sculpins and the endangered Lahontan Cutthroat trout.  After we finished exploring the fish house, we played a fun game called Pterodactyl while we waited for Jeff Brown, the manager of Sagehen, to come and give us our orientation talk. Once we all felt comfortable with the ins and outs of Sagehen we got to have our first real adventure here. As a group we got to daringly cross the creek into the secret meadow behind the buildings. There were lots of intriguing things in the meadow, both living and nonliving, including trees, herbaceous plants, insects, and soil. The many streams that crisscrossed the meadow made crossing difficult: several of us almost stepped in the water that was disguised by the grass! All in all, it was an awesome day, and we are all excited to have four more great days here in our future!

-Purna & Hannah

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